DIY Chalk Painted Headboard

My mother and I were out walking our dogs one day, and we passed by a brown Ikea bed headboard that someone had left out in front of his or her house for anyone to take for free. I had been checking out Pinterest for bed headboard ideas for my guest bedroom because I did not want to spend a lot of money. Talk about serendipity. I felt really lucky that day.

Bed Frame Before PaintChalk White Painted White Headboard

Chalk Paint and the Imagination

I imagined that headboard painted with white chalk paint next to my sun-bright yellow wall and felt all the joy that comes with taking someone’s trash and turning it into treasure.

So, I called my husband to come pick up the headboard with his truck. Of course when he saw it, he grumbled that the headboard was too long for our full-size bed in the guest room. As soon as I threw a few little compliments his way about his wonderful talent for fixing things, the headboard was in his truck and on its way to its new home.

It only took my husband about an hour to cut the headboard down to the size where it would fit the full-size bed in our guest room. He cut it down the middle and removed a section large into to make it fit the bed, He attached the two sections together with wood glue and putty.

Mixing the Recipe

The next day I put together a batch of white chalk paint using one part non-sanded grout to two parts white interior enamel semi-gloss paint from Home Depot. I mixed the grout with a little water until all the lumps were gone and it had the consistency of frosting. Then I mixed in the paint.

I also made sure to stir the paint every so often while I was painting. I’ve noticed that the consistency seems to get thicker as the paint gets down clower to the bottom of the container.

Grout Consistency for Chalk Paint

Preparation Before Using Chalk Paint

Even though it’s not necessary to sand or prime anything as preparation with chalk paint, I decided to sand it a little to make my husband happy. He’s really been hoovering over me since I started going a little crazy chalk painting a lot of the furniture in our house. I just can’t help myself. Our furniture is so lacking in color, it’s making me crazy, so when I discovered DIY chalk painting, I became an addict.

DIY Chalk Painting

Anyway, the bed frame took about three coats of my DIY chalk paint with grout recipe. It dried quickly between coats, and I finished painting it in about two hours. The biggest issue I had was making sure to smooth out all the paint droppings along all the narrow pieces of wood.

Chalk Painted Bed Frame

Now, the white headboard sits beautifully at the head of our bed in the guest room. My husband still thinks the paint might peel or the grandkids will get dirty fingerprints on it, but so far it has passed the test with no peeling and after three weeks of visiting grandchildren, there are no dirty finger marks on it. Also notice how smooth and non-shinny it looks even though I used semi-gloss paint. I love the flat look of the paint.

White Chalk Painted Headboard


Now I just need some coastal artwork to hang on the wall over the bed.

Chalk Painted Headboard for Bed

What do you think? Have you tried making your own chalk paint? How did it turn out?


2 thoughts on “DIY Chalk Painted Headboard

  1. Love what you did with this headboard/room! Thank you for sharing your chalk paint recipe and all your wonderful ideas. btw… where did you find that adorable accent pillow? I love it and NEED one for my home. =)

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